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65th Capital Emmy Awards: DAYTIME NEWSCAST - LARGER MARKETS (1-49) Category 02A

And the Emmy goes to...

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65th Capital Emmy Awards


And the Emmy goes to...


Noticiero 6:00pm

Telemundo 44/WZDC

Daniela Llargués, Executive Producer

Yaritza Vargas, Producer

Rosbelis Quinonez, Reporter

Aaron Dixon-Proctor, Director

Enmanuel Villalobos, Reporter

Dario Lopez-Capera, Reporter


WUSA9 News 5pm: March 3, 2022-Silver Spring Explosion


Carolyn Cakir, Show Producer

Ashley Briggs, Show Producer

Adam Longo, Field Anchor

Scott McCrary, Executive Producer

Sharla McBride, Anchor

James Hash, Photographer

Shekinah Henderson, Editor

Spencer Brooks, Executive Producer

Kurt Brooks, Photographer

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