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Capital Emmys: TEAM COVERAGE

And the Emmys goes to...

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64th Capital Emmy Awards




Capitol Under Siege

WRC Mike Goldrick, Vice President Of News

Catherine Snyder, Managing Editor

Anthony Mague, Executive Producer

Charles Bragale, Assignment Editor

Jim Handly, Anchor

Leon Harris, Anchor

Erika Gonzalez, Anchor

Jessica Abrams, Producer

Alexandra Fruin, Producer

Mark Stephens, Producer

Rick Yarborough, Producer

Cory Smith, Reporter

Pamela Leahigh, Assignment Editor

Lance Ing, Photographer

Shomari Stone, Reporter

Caroline Tucker, Content Producer

Michelle Tetu, Content Producer

Chris Cicatelli, Producer/Editor

Jason Gittlen, Executive Producer

Matt Glassman, Assistant News Director

Brad Freitas, Chopper4 Reporter/Photographer

Ede Jermin, News Operations Manager


Red Weather Alert Aftermath and Recovery

WUSA9 Jeffrey Ackermann, Writer

Scott McCrary, Executive Producer

Lesli Foster, Writer

Darren Haynes, Reporter

Nicole DiAntonio, Reporter

Michael Valerio, Writer

Jessica Arnold, Editor

Susan Phillips, Assignment Desk Editor

Ryan Sprouse, Assignment Desk Editor

Nicholas Kurtz, Assignment Desk Editor

Kris Mulholland, Assignment Desk Manager

Samara Martin Ewing, Field Producer

Spencer Brooks, Writer

Kathy Reynolds, Assignment Desk Manager


T44 Histórica Toma de Posesión

Telemundo 44/WZDC Abimael Lisboa, Producer

Anna Llargues, Senior Producer

Janette Luviano, News Director

Syrmarie Villalobos, Anchor

Alberto Pimienta, Anchor

Andrea Estupinan, Producer

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