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65th Capital Emmy Awards: NEWS SPECIAL (Category 05)

Updated: 5 days ago

And the Emmy goes to...

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65th Capital Emmy Awards


And the Emmy goes to...


7News Special: 75 Years on Your Side


Cheryl Carson, News Director

Rebecca McDevitt, Executive Producer

Michael Wright, Editor

Jay Korff, Photographer/Editor

Joshua Hedglin, Promotion Manager

Alison Starling, Anchor/Reporter

Dave Lucas, Anchor/Reporter

Mason Herndon, Director

Melanie Hastings, Anchor/Reporter

Kurt Mueller, Motion Graphic Designer

Davey Howell, Editor

Michelle Marsh, Anchor/Reporter

Kelly Lamp, Senior Executive Producer

Kelly Chase, Producer

Brian Houseman, Director of Operations

Jasmine Mohammed, Makeup Artist


Elecciones de Medio Término

Telemundo 44/WZDC

Abimael Lisboa, Senior Producer

Andrea Estupinan, Producer

Nanitzia Comparan Cuadras, Producer

Juliana Monsalve, Producer

Lilian Mass, Reporter

Yaritza Vargas, Producer

Hector Aparicio, Content Producer

Stephanie Ochoa Orozco, Anchor

Edwin Mitchell, Content Producer

Ivonne Aparicio, Content Producer

Rosbelis Quinonez, Reporter

Enmanuel Villalobos, Reporter


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