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Sneak Peek: Tune in Wednesday Capital Emmy Nomination Night

Updated: May 8

The Capital Emmys Board of Governors and staff are finalizing the details for Nomination Night on Wednesday, May 8th. It will be virtually live-streamed from our website starting at 7:30 p.m.

This year's Capital Emmys Nomination Night will see journalists and media professionals nominated for 117 categories.

Leading up to Capital Emmy Nomination Night, we will release sneak peek categories that we have chosen to share with our affiliate stations ahead of the nomination show!

Here are the sneak peeks (Two more categories will be released before the show):



           Andrea Sarralde

             Montgomery Community Media

                 Andrea Sarralde, Correspondent

           Hometowns - Tazewell, VA

             PBS Appalachia

                 Joshua Deel, Host

           IF YOU LIVED HERE- Hosted by John Begeny & Christine Louise

             WETA/Leapfrog Productions

                 Christine Wolski, Host

                 John Begeny, Host

           Joanne Clendining, Host of Maryland Farm and Harvest

             Maryland Public Television




Baltimore gun violence: A public health emergency


                 Maxine Streicher, Reporter

                 Benjamin Otte, Photojournalist

                 Layne Blank, Photojournalist


Hometown with Rachel Nichols: Tom Wilson's Impact

             Monumental Sports & Entertainment

                 Jim Kowats, Executive Producer

                 Mark Johnston, Producer

                 Matt Cone, Associate Producer

                 Thomas Jacobi, Director of Photography

                 Alex Diamond, Camera Operator

                 Tim Libeau, Editor

                 Adam Parr, Editor


The Daily Vitamin: Mind Over Matter


                 Marissa Mitchell, Host/Segment Producer

                 Chanelle Oliver, Planning Producer

                 Christopher Smith, Senior Producer


The Life of a Musician - Jonah Horton

             PBS Appalachia

                 Brandon Adams, Executive Producer

                 Mindy Adams, Executive Producer

                 Jacob Dellinger, Director/Cinematographer/Editor

                 Hogan Dellinger, Cinematographer


The Maryland Oral History Project: Senator Barbara Mikulski

             Maryland Public Television

                 Ethan Staple, Producer

                 Mike Pursley, Producer


The Player's Club

             Washington Commanders

                 Ryan Yocum, Executive Producer

                 Mady Benton, Producer

                 Kayla Key, Producer



           "I Snapped:"A Jailhouse Interview with Shanteari Weems


                 Bruce Leshan, Reporter

                 Rebecca Knier, Photojournalist/Editor

           "It's a runaway machine" - Jail Staff Raises Red Flags


                 Katie Leslie, Producer

                 Jeffrey Piper, Editor

                 Tracee Wilkins, Reporter

           Chesapeake basketball coach fights to clear his name


                 Jessica Larché, Reporter

                 Lydia Johnson, Photojournalist

           How do we reduce violent crime in Washington, DC?


                 Scott Taylor, Investigative Reporter

                 Jacob Fisher, Photographer

                 Trevor Taylor, Photographer

                 Kurt Mueller, Graphic Artist


Reopen the Case: Cion Caroll


                 David Stotts, Producer

                 Brandy Brown, Executive Producer

                 Jon Burkett, Reporter


Volviendo a Nacer

             Univision Washington

                 Jackeline Quijano, Reporter




DC News Now- Super Serving the DMV


                 Emily Kurtz, Producer

                 Caleb Popper, Producer/Videographer

                 Rene De La Fuente, Editor/Graphics

                 Jack Rose, Videographer/Editor/Graphics

                 Christina Stair, Videographer/Editor/Graphics

                 Taylor Jones, Editor/Graphics


FOX45 Morning News Back to School 2023


                 Alexander Jurado, Producer/Cinematographer/Editor

                 Peter Ferraro, Creative Director/Writer


FOX45 News Morning Ticker Campaign 2023


                 Alexander Jurado, Producer/Cinematographer/Editor

                 Peter Ferraro, Creative Director


Your Voice Parallax


                 Kaci Taylor, Graphic Artist

                 David Stotts, Producer


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