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Register for Face Time with the Pros!

Updated: Feb 26

By: Capital Emmys Staff

Saturday, March 2nd

University of Maryland

Journalists in the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC region share inside tips to help students and young professionals land that first/next job. Face Time with the Pros is a collection of seminars designed to help students learn how to be better storytellers, perform on camera, and find out what hiring managers are really looking for.

Sessions will include:

  • Video Storytelling

  • Going Live (and a chance to test your skills with a live truck!)

  • Going Social/Working Multiple Platforms             

  • Producing

  • Documentary/Long-form

  • Radio & Podcasting   

  • Reel & Resume Reviews


  • NBC Correspondent Brie Jackson

  • NBC4 News Director Mike Goldrick

  • WXFR News Director Dave Kosin

  • Gray Television News Director Kyle Rogers

  • WTOP Radio Anchor Anne Kramer

  • WBFF Chief Photographer Ben Otte

  • NBC4 Reporter Aimee Cho

  • Sinclair VP Publishing Manny Fantis

  • NBC4 Reporter Mark Segraves

  • WBAL Radio Reporter Robert Lang

  • CBS Producer Mia Salenetri

  • WAVY Reporter Brett Hall

  • Washington Post Video Journalist Amber Ferguson

  • DC News Now Producer Julia Heimlich

  • WAVY Sr. Producer Bob Bennett

  • NPR Sr. Editor Ashley Brown



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