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65th Capital Emmy Awards: TEAM COVERAGE (Category 10)

And the Emmy goes to...

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65th Capital Emmy Awards


And the Emmy goes to...


Gaithersburg Apartment Explosion


Andrew Callins, Executive Producer

Kelly Lamp, Executive Producer

Kelly Chase, Producer

Nikki Gourley, producer

Joy Wang, Reporter

Sergio Rios Lopez, Producer

Christian Flores, Reporter

Melanie Hastings, Anchor

John Gonzalez, Reporter

Dale Wright, Photographer/Editor

Andrew Wafford, Photographer

Paige Gilmore, Editor

Mark Hardison, Producer


City State's Attorney Indicted


Hannah Boettcher, Producer

Mikenzie Frost, Reporter

Maxine Streicher, Reporter

Keith Daniels, Reporter

Jeff Abell, Reporter

Mary Bubala, Anchor

Kai Jackson, Anchor

Geoffrey Chandler, Director

Layne Blank, Photographer

Nathan Aaron, Photographer

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