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Congratulations to the 2024 Betty Endicott Student Scholarship Recipients

By: Capital Emmys Staff

The Betty Endicott Scholarship is given annually from the NATAS-NCCB Chapter to full-time undergraduate or graduate students studying for a career in communications and/or broadcast journalism.

This year Rachel Brock of the University of Maryland and Viviana Smith of George Mason University have each earned $2,500 to be used towards their education. Both are standouts among the almost dozen scholarship applicants. Rachel Brock is currently a student at the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland. She is expected to graduate in 2026 with a specialization in Broadcast News. She is a member of the College Park Scholars and also attended the Baltimore School of Arts acting program. Ms. Brock is also the recipient of the Albrecht Fellowship Award in 2021 which explores topics in world affairs and diplomacy while building leadership and cross-cultural communication skills. She currently serves as reporter and anchor for WMUC Radio and was recently a staff writer for the Diversion’s Desk Diamondback.

Viviana Smith is a student at George Mason University and will receive a Bachelor of Arts in Communication in 2025. She is also a managing editor of the George Mason Fourth Estate and previously held the position of news editor and staff writer. Ms. Smith currently serves as a news anchor and camera operator for Mason Cable Network. She is an honor student who also previously served as the social media chair of the Students Helping Honduras organization. Read the full press release.



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