How to Submit an Emmy® Entry

For a PDF of these instructions click here.

Step 1: Login to Emmy® Express

Open your internet browser and login to Emmy Express. To login, you will need:

  • Member Number or Email Address (do not enter both)
  • Password
  • Check the I’m not a Robot box and click the Login button

You must be a Member or Registered User to submit an entry. Current members can use either their membership number or their email address not both. If using your email address, it must match exactly what is in our database. If you do not have this information, please use the membership record look up form.

If you are not already in our database, you can either become a member or sign up as a registered user by clicking on the appropriate link. If you think you should have an Emmy® Express account but are not able to log in, contact us before creating a new user record. We can confirm whether or not you are in the database and verify your log in info.

Step 2: Emmy® Express Dashboard

On the Emmy® Express Dashboard you have several options regarding your entries: Resume Entry, New Entry, Review Entries, and Upload Video. Click on New Entry.

Step 3: Entry Info – Part 1

Type the Title of Entry. Use the dropdown menu to Choose a Category for This Entry and Submitting Organization. If your Submitting Organization is not listed enter it in the field below.

  • Reminder do not use quotes or ALL CAPS for your entry title.
  • All categories and descriptions can be found in the Call for Entries which will be available in early December.
  • Submitting organization is the name of the company actually handling the submission and might not be the station/company where the entry aired.

Once you proceed to the Next Step your entry has been saved in the system. All saved entries will be available from the Review Entries link on the Dashboard.

Step 4: Entry Info – Part 2

Make sure the information you enter pertains to the entry listed at the top of the page. Please provide requested information for each field provided and continue to the Next Step.

  • Time Code is a new optional field to indicate the place in your video where you would like the clip to start playing. Providing the time code does not guarantee your clip will be played during the Emmy® Awards.
  • The submitter’s information will be auto-filled for their Emmy® user account but please make sure the information is correct.
  • You must enter month, day and year for the airdate in this format: 01-01-2017. If you can’t remember exact date, make your best guess. For composites enter the earliest airdate of items included on entry.
  • Description is not required but suggested, but if you plan to include the information, type it in here. It will print out on the entry form.
  • Submitter is the person typing the info into the Emmy® Express system.
  • Check the Are you an entrant box for the submitter to be listed as Entrant 1.

Step 5: Add Entrant Information

This step verifies each entrant’s membership and whether they will receive member rates. You will be able to change the order of the entrants on the Next Step.

  • Add each entrant by entering their email address or member number and last name.
  • You must click on Add Entrant (if you are using the Quick Add section) and Save Entrant Data before you are prompted to add the next entrant.
  • It is required that you Verify Membership if you use the Quick Add
  • If you submitted the wrong information or need to remove an entrant, you can delete an entrant. At the very bottom of the page enter the entrant’s number, not their Member Number, and Delete Entrant.
  • Every time you type in one of the text box fields, even if it is only one character, you must Save Entrant Data.

Once you finished submitting all entrant’s information continue to the Next Step. If you do not complete all required fields or Save Entrant Data after entering information, you’ll get an error message.

Step 6: Entry Review

Review your Fee Summary and Emmy® Express Entry information to ensure it is correct. You will be able to change the order of the entrants below the entry information, if needed, before proceeding to the Next Step which submits your entry. Click and drag the entrants in the preferred order. If you need to make a correction, use the can go back to the Previous Step.

Step 7: View Invoice

A confirmation copy of the entry will be emailed to submitter’s email address. Select one of the two options at the bottom of the page to either Add Another Entry and repeat Steps 3 – 7 or proceed to the Next Step to choose a payment option.

Step 8: Choose a Payment Option

Option 1: Proceed with Multiple Payments

If using this option, you can choose each of the entrants who will be paying for the entry and an email will be sent providing a link to make a payment. Place check marks beside the entrants and Email Payment Requests. 

Once you send the emails you will then have the option to Pay Your Invoices which will take you to the Invoices section of your Dashboard. Here you will see all the invoices where you are listed as an entrant. You can select one or multiple invoices to either Pay selected invoices or Assign selected invoices to someone else for payment.

Option 2: Submit Single Payment

You have two payment methods to Submit Single Payment:  Pay by Credit Card or Pay by Check.

Payment Methods

  • Pay by Credit Card: You will be taken to PayPal, a secure payment page, where you will enter your credit card information. Fill out the credit card number, select the type of credit card, and complete the billing address. Make sure your street address and zip code match your credit card billing address not the submitter’s address.
  • Pay by Check: Enter the name printed on the check and payment amount and Submit Payment by Check.

Step 9: Upload a Video

Now that you have completed your entry information the next step is to upload your video. Please read over How to Upload a Video to an Entry if you have any questions.

Email Confirmation

You will receive an email confirmation for each of your entries along with your invoice number. The email will include the following links:

  • Use this link to upload your video file
  • Use this link to modify your entry until the Late Deadline
  • Use this link to print a copy of your entry
  • If you still need to pay, use this link to go the payment process.