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FAQs – Submitting Entries and Uploading Videos

For a PDF of these FAQs click here.

Entry Details

What’s the final entry deadline?

Entry details must be submitted online through Emmy® Express for judging by February 1, 2018. Entries must list each person who should be recognized and pay the appropriate fees for each entrant listed. Videos must also be uploaded and approved by February 1, 2018.

What is my Entry ID?

Each entry has their own ID which is made up of the category, sub-category if applicable, and the entry number. For example, the Entry ID 22C-24: 22 is the category, C is the sub-category, and 24 is the entry number. When uploading a video, you will use the dropdown box to select your category and subcategory, if applicable, and you will need to type in your entry number.

Who is the “submitter contact” on the entry?

This is the person who is submitting entries (completing the online entry forms) on behalf of the station, company, or entrant. This is the first person we will contact if we have any questions or require additional information regarding the entry. This person may, but does not have to, be listed as an entrant as well.

What is the difference between producing organization” and “submitting organization”?

When filling out the entry form, you will be asked to enter the name of the producing and submitting organizations. The producing organization is where the piece was produced and the submitting organization can be either a station or a private production company or agency submitting the entry for Emmy® consideration.

Can we just list an entrant as “staff”, “news team” or “company x”?

You may not list any entrant name as a generic “staff” or “news team” or something similar. Emmy® statuettes are awarded to individuals, not to their employer, station, or organization. All entries must include the name and production credit for each individual specific to their role on the entry.

Is the entrant role the same as their job title?

No. The role is the entrant’s production credit on for that specific entry not their role/job title within their organization.

How do I know if I am Double Dipping?

To avoid any confusion, the basic formula for “double-dipping” is the following: if you even think you might be double dipping, you probably are! If you are unsure of the rules, it helps to read them out-loud!

An individual entrant can only be recognized once for the same job function, utilizing the same program content. You are in charge of your own entries. It is your responsibility to verify and confirm that submitted entries are not considered Double Dipping. If an entry does not honor the NATAS rules the entry will be disqualified. 

Example: An investigative reporter is listed on a newscast entry. Under this “double-dipping” rule, a portion of the newscast content could be entered in “Investigative Report,” but the same reporter cannot be listed since their name already appeared on the newscast entry. You cannot enter the same material in both news and program categories. This is DOUBLE DIPPING!

Example: I want to enter my story “Musician Goes to Hollywood” in the Arts/Entertainment Category as the Producer for this story. I also want to enter the same content in the Craft Category Editor as I also served as the Editor on this video. This is NOT DOUBLE DIPPING! 

Do I have to be a member to submit an entry?

No, but members do receive a discounted rate for their entry fees.

Non-members, or those who are not currently in our online database, will need to create a registered user account to use Emmy® Express. There is no fee to become a registered user, and registering does not automatically make you a member. Registering is a security measure and also allows you the flexibility of coming back later to finish filling out the forms if needed.

What is Time Code?

If your entry is selected for an Emmy® Award, please tell us which 30 second clip should be played during the awards presentation. A field labeled time code has been included on the entry form this year to indicate the place in your video where you would like the clip to start playing. Providing the time code does not guarantee your clip will be played during the Emmy® Awards.

If I submit a composite in one of the Crafts Achievement categories what should I put down for the “first airdate?”

Use the date from the piece that aired earliest. You will need to include the month, day and year. Remember that all work submitted must have first aired during the eligibility period: January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017.

I need to print a copy of my entry form. Where can I do that?

If you need a printed copy please refer to the EMMY® Express – Email Copy of Entry receipt that was sent to you. Scroll to the bottom and click the Use this to print a copy of your entry link.

What if I make a mistake can I go back and edit my entry?

If the Call for Entries Late Entry Deadline has not past you can use the “modify the entry” link in the EMMY® Express – Email Copy of Entry receipt that was sent to you. Some changes may only be made by the NATAS-NCCB staff and there may be a penalty fee added to the entry fee. No entrants will be added after the Late Entry Deadline. 

How do I change the category of an entry already submitted?

Once an entry has been submitted only the NATAS-NCCB staff can change the category of an entry. Please contact us requesting a category change. You will need to include the Entry ID in your request and indicate whether the video has been uploaded and approved. Changes to an entry’s category may result in a penalty fee.

How do I delete an entry already submitted?

Once an entry has been submitted only the NATAS-NCCB staff can delete an entry. Please have the submitter contact us requesting to delete an entry. You will need to include the Entry ID in your request. Deleting an entry may result in a penalty fee.

How can I add my name to an entry?

Please have the submitter of the entry forward you the Emmy® Express email receipt. At the bottom of the email is a link to modify the entry. After you upload and approve your video the NATAS-NCCB staff might need to add the entrant and there may be a penalty fee added to the entry fee. No entrants will be added after the Late Entry Deadline.


I’m trying to upload my video but the system locked me out.

You are given three chances to successfully upload your video. If you exceed that number the system will automatically lock you out. Please contact us to reset your upload attempts and include your Entry ID. There is no penalty for this request.

Can I submit a URL to view my video entry?

No, unfortunately we cannot accept a URL for your video. All entries must have an accompanying video uploaded through the Emmy® Express system for judging. If you have questions on uploading your video please read the instructions on how to upload a video to an entry or watch the online step-by-step tutorial video.

What video format and file types can I upload?

Videos must be encoded to support Adobe Flash Player 9. Videos must be saved as either a .flv (Flash video), .mp4 (MPEG-4, H.264 encoding), .vp6 (True Motion), or .mov (Quicktime MPEG-4, H.264 encoding) file type.

There are a few noteworthy formats that are not supported: Quicktime (MOV) files that use the Apple Intermediate Codec (used in Final Cut Pro), DRM protected files from Microsoft (WMV) or the iTunes Store (M4V, MOV), WMV videos using the MSS2 video codec (for screencasting).

We advise you to always upload videos using: MP4 container format, H.264 video codec, AAC audio codec. MP4 with H.264/AAC is an ubiquitous format that most widely used editing, compositing, screencasting, and transcoding tools support it. If your tools do not, take a look at Handbrake, a free but powerful desktop transcoder.

How large can my file be?

The video file size should not be larger than 2GB for ease of uploading.

Does the encoding process change the aspect ratio?

No, we never change the aspect ratio. Good quality in yields good quality out.

How do I shorten a full-length program to comply with entry time limits?

Full-length programs may be shortened by taking up to three (3) complete lifts from the program. In other words, a maximum of three edits is permitted to bring longer programs to the time limit. We encourage the use of the description to help judges navigate the entry.

Why is my video taking a long time to upload or not uploading at all?

The success of the video upload process greatly depends on your computer’s internet speed, connectivity, security settings and overall network demand. Please try the options below before contacting us.

  • Have you tried running a Speed Test on your computer?If so, what was your speed? A slow internet speed can result in a long/slow upload process.
  • Does your computer need a Flash upgrade? In the Resources panel on the left hand side click the Flash Upgrade button.
  • Have you performed a free web test? Located in the resources panel, this scan will tell you how strong or weak your connection is. The lower the grade the worse the connection.
  • Are your firewalls or security settings (i.e. Virus, Malware, Spam) preventing Emmy® Express from working properly. If so you will need to upload from a different location.

We strongly suggest that you do not upload more than one video at a time. The amount of time it takes to upload a video to Emmy® Express greatly depends on your computer’s internet speed, connectivity, and overall network demand. If multiple people are using the same server to upload videos it will take a longer time to upload and encode. If you are having trouble, try uploading from another location at a different time.

Once I start my video upload can I leave the webpage?

No. Once you click the upload button and the progress bar appears DO NOT leave this page until the encoding process begins. Doing so will affect the upload and most likely, require you to re-upload your video.

Once my video begins encoding can I leave the webpage?

Yes. At this point you can leave the webpage. An email will be sent to the submitter as soon as the video has finished encoding. Once the video has finished encoding you will have the option to view the video and approve it. All videos must be approved.

Why do I need to approve my video?

We want to make sure your video is the correct video and that it plays back so it can be properly judged. The video must be approved in order to appear for judging. If you do not approve your video it will not be judged.

What happens if I reject and delete my video instead of approving it?

If you decide to reject and delete your video instead of approving it you will be able to upload the video again. Please only click Reject and Delete if you accidentally uploaded the wrong video, version, etc.

I accidentally uploaded and approved the wrong video. What do I do?

Contact us and include your Entry ID. We will clear the video and let you know when you can upload again. There may be a penalty fee added to the entry fee for this change to the entry.

My video has finished uploading but when I view the thumbnail preview it isn’t good quality. Should I approve it anyways?

Please note that the thumbnail preview you view is a low quality version and is not the version that the judges will see. Judges see the version as you have uploaded it.

Are commercials allowed?

Commercials must be deleted so there is no interruption in the program.

I have already submitted my entry, how do I upload my video?

Use the link in the EMMY® Express – Email Copy of Entry to upload your video.

Can I get a copy of my video once it has been uploaded to Emmy® Express?

No. If you need a copy, or think you might need a copy, be sure to save it to your own computer. We do not make videos available for viewing at any stage of the process.


Questions about proper category or rules? Contact our Awards Committee Co-Chairs ([email protected]) Jason Gittlen: 202-359-8839 or Amanda Zimmer: 859-420-6153.

Questions about membership or the entry process? Contact Chapter Associate Director ([email protected]) Ashlyn McKeithan: 703-234-4055.