FAQs – Emmy® Express

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What is Emmy® Express?

Emmy® Express is our online entry solution designed to complete the entire entry process in one location. The entire process takes about 5 – 10 minutes per entry. To submit more than one entry simply repeat the process and at the end be sure to choose your payment option. In addition to completing the entry details, all entries are required to upload the corresponding video to the entry in Emmy® Express for online judging.

What information do I need to log in to Emmy® Express?

Current members can use either their membership number or their email address not both. If using your email address, it must exactly match what is in our database. If you do not have this information, please use membership record look up form. If you are not already in our database, you can either become a member or sign up as a registered user by clicking on the appropriate link.

If you think you should have an Emmy® Express account but are not able to log in, contact us before creating a new user record. We can confirm whether or not you are in the database and verify your log in info.  

When I log in, I am seeing someone else’s information, why?

Click on the Clear Session link on the left side of the Emmy® Express login page. This should clear out the other previous user’s information and allow you to sign in to your account. You always want to be sure to Logout of your account when you are finished. 

What is the Emmy® Express Station/Organization Dashboard and should I use it?

The Station/Organization Dashboard is a feature that allows a designated administrator to review, change, approve, and pay for their company’s entries. The dashboard is an option for companies/groups with a large number of entries. If you would like to utilize this feature, please contact us. 

Where is the Station/Organization Dashboard Login?

You must scroll down to the bottom of the Station/Organization Dashboard page to enter the organization’s login credentials. 

Why is Emmy® Express rejecting the date I put in?

Make sure you have dashes (-) between the numbers, not slashes (/).

Emmy® Express is telling me that my browser doesn’t support scripting. What does that mean for me?

If your browser doesn’t support scripting, you are likely to encounter issues while uploading. We strongly suggest you try using another computer or uploading from another location that supports scripting.

I’m trying to upload my video but the system locked me out.

You are given three chances to successfully upload your video. If you exceed that number, the system will automatically lock you out. Please contact us to reset your upload attempts and include your Entry ID.

Why is my video taking a long time to upload or not uploading at all?

We strongly suggest that you do not upload more than one video at a time. The amount of time it takes to upload a video to Emmy® Express greatly depends on your computer’s internet speed, connectivity, and overall network demand. If multiple people are using the same server to upload videos it will take a longer time to upload and encode. If you are having trouble, try uploading from another location at a different time.

There are several resource links available on the video upload webpage to access your computer and network’s ability to upload a video. If you are still having trouble after reviewing the resources please contact us.

Once I start my video upload can I leave the webpage?

No. Once you click the upload button and the progress bar appears DO NOT leave this page until the encoding process begins. Doing so will affect the upload and most likely, require you to re-upload your video.

Once my video begins encoding can I leave the webpage?

Yes. At this point you can leave the webpage. An email will be sent to the submitter as soon as the video has finished encoding. Once the video has finished encoding you will have the option to view the video and approve it. All videos must be approved. 


Questions about proper category or rules? Contact Awards Co-Chairs ([email protected]) Fran Murphy: 301-332-2094 or Jay Korff: 703-906-4984.

Questions about membership or the entry process? Contact Chapter Associate Director ([email protected]) Ashlyn McKeithan: 703-234-4055.